Wanderlust (n.):

A strong desire or urge to wander or travel and explore the world

Lush (adj.):

  1. luxurious, elaborate
  2. something pleasing or desirable
  3. a drunk

Wanderlush (n.):

Someone who yearns for the adventures and experiences of travel while enjoying beautiful wines (and yes she may over induldge from time to time).

Hi there! I’m Sarah; a great bed maker, last minute packer, lover of hats, and can finish a large pizza in one sitting. Welcome to my blog.

This has been a space I have been changing, honing, and growing for many years now. I originally started my blog to share my experience moving abroad to England, and it has become somewhere to share my ever growing multiple passions and interests.

I’ve got that champagne taste on a beer budget and I have learned where to splurge and where to spend. This will be echoed throughout my blog where I will share high/low fashion advice, home décor recommendations, travel tips, and delicious affordable wines.

In addition to my hobbies and interests, I am above all things passionate about people. You will often find me sharing a bottle of wine with friends (and strangers) discussing personality types, relationship dynamics, and dreams with anyone who will indulge me.

I am pretty confident we’ll find something to talk about, follow me on Instagram for up to date posts and to get the conversation flowing. Oh and have wine, we’ll want to keep that flowing too.



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