Golden Globes 2019 – Best Dressed

Well, well.. here we are again. Another year and another award show season. Colour was brought back to the red carpet this year, after the Me Too Movement took to last years red carpet by wearing black to stand in solidarity for workplace sexual harassment. This movement continues to gain momentum and was represented again last night with celebrities wearing their Me Too pins and wristbands.

This had to be the easiest best dressed list I’ve written. I went with my first impressions and gut instinct with all these ladies. The moment they stepped onto the red carpet I thought “hell yes” immediately.

Emily Blunt in Alexander McQueen


Crying. Hands down my #1 choice of the night. Emily Blunt owns red carpets and she absolutely showed up as a Best Actress nominee in this Alexander McQueen masterpiece. I had to pause the TV when she walked because I needed to see as much detail of this dress as I could. For some gorgeous close ups and a details of the gown, check out @alexandermcqueen on Instagram.

Kiki Layne in Christian Dior


This for me is just classic Christian Dior. The blush pink, the tulle, and tastefully exposed corset create such an etherial look. The neckline and colour look outstanding on her, paired with perfect hair, makeup, and jewels. It also feels very Carrie Bradshaw Sex and the City finale episode dress. Swoon.

Lupita Nyong’o in Calvin Klein


Bow down to the Queen. We are not worthy. I cannot handle this woman’s beauty. She is easily my all time favourite red carpet appearance and is always the one person I look forward to seeing the most. She knows exactly what works for her and owns it. This colour looks incredible on her and I love the unique neckline of this dress. Also, the 20’s are my favourite time in history for fashion so anything fringe and flapper inspired is a big hit in my books.

Sandra Oh in Versace


There are a few things I’m a sucker for on the red carpet. One of them is a sleek, fitted, white gown. You’d think I have bridal fever or something…. that’s beside the point. These gowns are old Hollywood glam at its finest and are a spectacular contrast to the red carpet.

Lucy Liu in Galia Lahav


I love capes, I love em’. Maybe it’s my obsession with royalty (not superheroes). The sheer cape adds the perfect extra bit of detail to this look to make it stand out. I’m not one for neon colours but it is just the right amount on this dress. Also, this was a designer I was unfamiliar with until I did some recon after seeing this dress. I’m obsessed. If you have any interest in fashion, I suggest you check out the Galia Lahav website and Instagram account. They are certainly a house I will be following closely from now on.

Julia Roberts in Stella McCartney 

NBC's "76th Annual Golden Globe Awards" - Arrivals

I usually try to keep my list to a top 5 as a challenge to myself to really narrow it down to my favourites. However, I had to add Julia Roberts. Whoever said it’s only men that get better with age need to give their head a shake. Julia Roberts is an example of beauty at every age (and that’s in addition to what seems like a gorgeous heart as well). I had to put her on here because I cannot turn down a well done outfit with pants. Pant/Dress combos have been fairly popular over the last couple years and I am here for it! It is the ultimate boss babe look. I’m also a massive fan of Stella McCartney; a hugely talented designer who has managed to pave the way for sustainable luxury fashion.

Award show #1 complete! Stay tuned for The Grammy Awards Best Dressed List February 11th. In the mean time I would love to hear who were other favourites of the night?

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