Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! It’s cliché, but I do love the new year for a clean slate and new goals. I don’t get myself too wrapped up in whether the goals from the previous year are achieved, however, I do like giving myself an idea of things I’d like to work towards in the year ahead. An ideal 2018 looks like this for me:

Read 12 Books

This is a reoccurring appearance on my list of resolutions. One book a month is easily attainable, I just have to turn off the Netflix. I love reading and just have to save Big Little Lies for another time *sigh*.


I know, I hate myself for saying this too. I do need to workout because it is good for me. I don’t care if I ever have abs – which I probably won’t because I like wine too much. I did a few things this last year to explore different workouts, and have found things that do, and do not work for me, and hopefully this year I can make a habit of the routines that do work. So when 2019 rolls around I can confidently say I am someone who exersizes regularly.

Take a Microsoft Office Course

Whether it be a broad “general understanding” course or a detailed Excel course, I want to be more proficient in my Microsoft Office skills. Mainly for another point on my resume, but I also could benefit from some use of spread sheets. Plus! I would also like to prevent the urge to throw my computer at the wall when I can’t get formatting right.

Photography and Editing

I finally got my camera this year that I have always wanted. It’s a challenge for me to take photos in the moment of events (shocker! I’m actually enjoying the moments). However, I am making an effort to learn photography tricks and practice when I can. The next step is editing them well. I would like to take an Adobe class to learn the tricks of the trade.

Put My Ideas Into Action

By nature, I am a dreamer. Sometimes those dreams come true, and sometimes they don’t. I have lots of things I want to explore as a business ideas and I want this year to finally be the year I put this ideas into action! This is my biggest resolution for 2018 and I can’t wait to share what I have come up with.

I will update a bit later in the year of how my resolutions are going. Good luck to everyone and their goals for the new year! I hope you don’t put too much emphasis on the “success” and “failure” of new year resolutions but just use it as a recalibration and things to look forward to for.

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